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The Muay Thai Bones Newsletter #9
Dive into our love of Muay Thai as we share the latest of what we believe is interesting or impactful to the Muay Thai Life. Stay up to date on the Library, compelling events, and the lives of the legends. Listen to our Muay Thai Bones podcast for other thoughtful discussion. Items co-authored and selected by both of us
Thought and Analysis
Vlog #376 - Delayed Understanding of Lessons and Jai Rohn
I take a step back and think about all the times I was given lessons but was not ready for them, especially in lessons of controlling my emotions and frustrations. Thailand teaches in a slow cook, non-verbal way. watch it here

You can see my whole vlog playlist dating back to my very first year of Muay Thai here.
watch it here
Our Classic Article Discussing Thai Masculinity & Muay Thai, The Meaning of Gambling & Suffering
I just reread this article from a few years ago and was really surprised how rich it was in important ideas which don't get talked about much. Take a look at it here.
read it here
A boxer with ripping hooks and explosive uppercuts, check out this succinct breakdown.
Westerners Have Been Frustrated With Thai Backwards Fighting For Over 230 Years
My article that takes up a 230 year old account of the very first recorded fight vs a Westerner and a Thai (Siamese), and the frustration of the Westerner at the retreating fighting style of the Thai fighter. I draw out this lasting confusion between cultures.
read it here
Made Public: How Samart Attacked & Controlled the Groin of Namphon (30 min)
Kevin's 30 minute study of Samart's knee shielding counter strategy vs Namphon one of the best Muay Khao fighters of the Golden Age has been made public to everyone. If you haven't read and watched it, do
Read the article and watch the video here
Spinoza's Argument Against Free Will and the Freedoms of Thailand's Muay Thai
This article has been a long time coming. It takes Spinoza's argument against Free Will as an entry point into understanding Thailand's traditional Muay Thai, and it uses the experiences of learning to fight in a combat art as illuminations of what Spinoza meant and its importance for our daily lives.
read the article here
Philosophy Lecture On Muay Thai, Masculinity & Art (1 hr)
In Danish, this awesome lecture (with English subs) takes on a Philosophy of Art in Thailand's Muay Thai, discussing gender with references to Nietzsche, Heidegger & Butler, exploring the inherent dichotomies within its performance and value. You can read my discussion of it here.
watch it on YouTube here
The Qualities of Boxing: A Photo Essay
This short photo essay makes the argument that western inside boxing has an underdeveloped place within Thailand's Muay Thai. 
view the photo essay here
Updates and Happenings
discoveries, newly published, the lives of krus
The use of the shoulder is one of the most important but sometimes hidden aspects of Muay Thai clinch. Check out this 7 minute public excerpt from the new full 76 minute session in the Muay Thai Library.

Watch the excerpt for everyone here.
New Muay Thai Library Session: WBC World Boxing Champion Eagle Den Janlaphan
You can watch the newest Library session even as a $1 patron here, $10 gets you access to the entire Library. I work with Kru Den a former WBC boxing champion and learn all about boxing and footwork in close proximity, something I believe can improve my clinch game. Learn with me as I learn from him.
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New Commentary on My Very First Kard Chuek Fight
I've been voicing a string of my fights from 2017 which never got commentary because we were just so busy. You can find them all on my YouTube. This is my latest. It's my first Kard Chuek fight, a ruleset I really love and feel free in. It's also the fight my "Sylvie Legend" shirt photo came from, if anyone has that shirt. Watch the fight here.

You can find my Sylvie Legend shirt here.
watch the fight and hear my commentary
Fight 269 My Most Recent Fight With My Commentary
In an amazing coincidence I met my opponent for Fight 269 when I fought my first Kard Chuek fight Fight 187 (just above this). She came and took a photo with me. This week I fought my 14th Kard Chuek fight. This is my commentary.
watch the fight and hear my commentary here
Kevin cleaned up this old photo of 3 stars.
Karuhat put Saencherng Pinsinchai in his Top 5 fighters of all time. A brief clip of him kicking pads.
Above is a stunning digital painting by the artist Downward Elbow, who collaborated with us to produce two shirts celebrating Wangchannoi, one of the most feared fighters of the Golden Age. 100% of the earned profits go to support him! shop the shirts and a poster of the art here.
Good morning from Pak Kret, Thailand for the opening of the WBC MuayThai Gym for the boys at the Pak Kret Care Home and Orphanage. 
The new "no engagement" rule which throws out the fighters and calls off all bets has had mixed response. Here Omnoi suggests instead that fighter pay be docked.
In a sign of how inclusive the new Lumpinee image is GoSport held a trans beauty pageant themed in Muay Thai, staged in the Lumpinee Studio ring. Read Emma's report on it. You can see video of the pageant here
Colorized Photos from Rajadamnern in 1948
Well known photos from Rajadamnern in 1948, before the roof was added. It maybe gives a deeper sense of being there and of place. You can also see this colorized film footage said to be around 1930.
see these photos here
I was really struck by several things in this vlog from 11 years ago, stumbling upon it the other day. I write about how much of Sylvie hasn't really changed, and also about what has grown. read and watch here
Yodwicha's Latest Fight in France [FULL FIGHT]
Yodwicha VS Omar Samb in France 5/12/2021 - Yodwicha felt he got a bad decision when a draw was called last month when he fought for a WMC World Title, so he was sure to be fired up in this fight. And he was.

watch the full fight here
Young Fighters of Two of My Favorite Krus Facing Off: Read My Write up See the Full Fight
Rambaa's fighter was a big underdog going into this fight vs Jojo, one of the very best young fighters in Thailand. Yodkhunpon even helped prep Naksu for this showdown. Jojo was trained by Arjan Surat who I'm a huge fan of. Fighters of two of my favorite krus facing off.
watch the whole fight and read about it here
films, fights, podcasts that inspire
75% power, quick and flowing. Cross, elbow, head kick. watch the fight here
We found this documentary not only super interesting from a story stand point, but also inspirational, showing how taking on impossible tasks can be done. Also Thai culture is shown in a powerful story, along with international efforts to work together.
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