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Dive into our love of Muay Thai as we share the latest of what we believe is interesting or impactful to the Muay Thai Life. Stay up to date on the Library, compelling events, and the lives of the legends. Listen to our Muay Thai Bones podcast for other thoughtful discussion. Items co-authored and selected by both of us
Thought and Analysis
The Concept of Meta - Hand Traps, Edge Attacks in Detail
Kevin slows down 4 rounds with Yodkhunpon and thinks about the larger concepts of her evolution, as it has developed over the last year. Developing beyond techniques & tactics. He proposes the concept of a fighter's Meta, the organizing principles behind and beneath their style. Not all fighters have it, but all the greats do.
Read It Here + 1 hr video
This Fight-Site article is still the best article I've read on the concept of a combat sport's Meta. It details the ways in which MMA priorities initiative, and minimizes defense. The concept of a sport's Meta is valuable in discussing traditional Muay Thai. This is great combat sport analysis, and becomes a jumping off point for me in the discussion of a personal Meta.
Modern Martial Artist Breakdown of Yodkhunpon (17 min)
This 17 minute study of the Muay Thai style and tactics of Yodkhunpon The Elbow Hunter is really good. It's great to see a legendary muay sok fighter getting the attention of the combat sports world.
watch it here - 17 min
If you haven't watched the Chamuakpet sessions in the Library here is Onyx MMA's edit of the second session, it's all about the knees, from one of the best knee fighters in history. See the full hour here.
Sylvie on the Psychology of "Not Naturally Agressive"
If you are one of those people who don't identify as "naturally aggressive" these are my thoughts on how you don't have to be, and how you can overcome something that some might regard as a disadvantage.
Watch Here - 12 min
How Samart Controlled Namphon With Knees (30 min)
A new remastered version of Samart's FOTY fight vs the great Muay Khao fighter Namphon Nongkipahayuth has been released. Kevin broke down the fight in a 30 minute commentary video detailing how Samart attacked and controlled the groin with knees and shins, defeating Muay Khao pressure.
watch and read as a patron
Body shots are a bit trickier in Muay Thai than in boxing (counter elbows and knees), but that doesn't mean you can't throw them. It's an underutilized strike. Ricky Hatton shows he he liked to set them up, much to be taken from this, for myself.
Updates and Happenings
Amy Pirnie, one of Kevin's P4P Top 10 best in the world, faced off vs Lara Fernandez a WBC Champion, on Lion Fight.
Video of the great Lakhin shadowboxing to keep fit during COVID. You can study his powerful style in the Muay Thai Library here.
Kevin put together this post which holds all the videos we've shot with Yodkhunpon. Our interviews, free videos, techniques, slow motions, and links to all his fights, as well as all the Library sessions. One stop Elbow Heaven.
A fan got a Yodkhunpon Tattoo
Legends Are Finally Getting Their COVID Vaccinations
Thailand has been behind much of the world in getting vaccinations out. Because of their age, and their health some are vulnerable. Karuhat this week got his first Astra Zenica shot, and Dieselnoi got his first Sinovac shot (non-mRNA due to his heart issues). It's a big relief to see them gaining this layer of protection as the Life of Muay Thai, their main source of income, has been cut off due to restrictions.
Two legends of the sport, Fighter of the Year in 1991 Samson Isaan giving a humorous massage to FOTY in 1982, Dieselnoi Thanasukarn. All prints sold are non-profit and go to support the legends and others photographed.
The Muay Thai Bones Podcast ep #24
In our most recent Muay Thai Bones podcast we discuss Muay Thai and Gender, and even find ourselves in disagreement as to whether female fighters should aim to fight and beat men. - watch it on YouTube here

episode 24 - subjects and timestamps
(subtract 20 seconds for the audio version)
1. Jimmy Page, Compression, Historical Loss & The Muay of Rama IX (4:58) on video)
2. Sylvie's Experiences with the Gender Divide In Thailand's Muay Thai: Nong Toom, Phetjee Jaa and Angie (50:26 on video)
3. Should Female Fighters Aim to Fight Men? (1:36:16 on video)

watch it on YouTube here - 2 hrs, 26 min
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The Dieselnoi Shirt Is a Huge Success
Dieselnoi has been cut off from regular income due to the shut down of Thailand's Muay Thai so we put together this shirt (and others) to send support his way. 100% of the earned profits go to him. So far we've sent him more than $1,200. You can see all the shorts and shirts we sell in support of the legends and krus in the Muay Thai Library, 100% non-profit to us. The full non-profit store is here. Thank you to everyone following me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube who has supported him. He's very appreciative.
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On the Muay Thai Bones Podcast Kevin and I often talk about films that inspire or inform us regarding Muay Thai. Usually these are documentaries, but this week we watched the Authurian tale The Green Knight (2021) and it really spoke to us. The meanings are deep and spiritual, about honor, commitment to greatness and how you "cannot run from yourself". As a fighter these are powerful lesson choices. It's a very slow, thoughtful and beautiful film, so if that's your kind of movie, recommended.
The Library Pick of the Month - patrons
If you haven't seen it, it's incredible. Muay Thai fighter Tanadet teaches his highly unorthodox Long Clinch, and how he took a position that is seldom held for very long, and made systemic attack out of it. 
learn the Long Clinch
In this Golden Age classic two Muay Khao monsters face off against each other. Langsuan was counted as the toughest person to fight by both legends Kaensak and Karuhat. Here he faces Mr. Vampire Knees Lamnammoon. Lesson in this fight: fighters famous for never tiring have their breaking point.
Find Out The 10 Best Muay Thai Library Sessions
We pick our Top 10 Muay Thai Library sessions. These are, in our opinion, the 10 don't miss commentary videos in the whole 120+ hours we've filmed so far.
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