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The Muay Thai Bones Newsletter #6
Dive into our love of Muay Thai as we share the latest of what we believe is interesting or impactful to the Muay Thai Life. Stay up to date on the Library, compelling events, and the lives of the legends. Listen to our Muay Thai Bones podcast for other thoughtful discussion. Items co-authored and selected by both of us
Thought and Analysis
The Poetry of Combat: Why Thailand's Muay Thai May Be The Greatest Art Form of Our Time
This essays opens up the artistic value of Thailand's Muay Thai, and really all combat sports and martial arts, in the context of the Fine Arts like poetry, painting and music. Is it possible that Thailand's Muay Thai captures something of artistic value we often over look?
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I talk about how metastable states, illustrated by a wobbling bowling pin, may be the foundation of mental systems, and how learning how to embrace the wobble may be the essential skill in fighting at a high level.
Detecting The Fight Space, Reading Fighter Patterns, Rhythms and Energies | High-Speed Review of Tape
 One of the most interesting things that has developed through all our filming and review of the styles of legends of the sport, studying tape of their actual fights, and watching them correct Sylvie in live time, has been a sensitivity toward what I call the Fight Space. It feels like a very productive concept when thinking about fighting styles and energies, an order quite different than what often gets much more attention: techniques. The Fight Space for me is an imaginary bubble which exists between opponents, sometimes roughly equivalent to "the pocket", but not always. It's a kind of psychic space - without getting too woo about it - in that a lot of what fighting is about is body mapping, and the virtual way we project our body into the forward space, in the view of physical and emotional threat. A great deal of time is spent perfecting or regulating strikes (techniques), but sometimes less focus is on the Fight Space itself, and the fighter's relationship to it. read the rest here, watch the video
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Kevin's answer to someone who was having a hard time seeing Samart's greatness, given that much of Samart's prime is unrecorded. Links to even more thoughts on aura, charisma and impact on the sport.
"When hunting, the tigress goes through a process where she stalks her prey, observes and studies her environment, plan her attack strategy and attacks with ferocity. In contrast, aggressive guard dogs in attack mode behind the fence are just waiting for that gate to open so they can instantly attack their target. Golden Era Muay Thai had lots of ferocity, but it was about the entire hunting strategy before the ultimate onslaught...." read more, see the highlight
The Samson Isaan Session Onyx MMA Edit (4 min)
Samson Isaan is one of the best fighters Thailand ever produced, winning the Fighter of the Year in 1991. Onyx MMA does great edits of the Muay Thai Library, this 4 minute video gives a great sense of his forward fighting. You can see the full Samson Isaan hour sessions here: Session 1, Session 2
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We Distcuss How Important Clinch Transitions Are and How to Get To Them
This is a 51 minute excerpt from episode 6 of the Muay Thai Bones podcast. We talk about a point where I experienced a sudden growth in clinch vocabulary and how important clinch transitions are.
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Kevin talks about how losing his Instagram account randomly was a blessing in disguise. Photography in general, but really action photography like that covering Muay Thai needs better platforms and solutions.
Updates and Happenings
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Top Gyms: I've Updated My List of Recommended Gyms
Gyms change all the time in Thailand, so a gym that might have been great a few years ago might be going through a down time, and new gyms with great energy might open and be on the rise. This my revised list of recommended gyms. If you've had a great experience at one yourself consider sharing your experience on the forum.
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Huge Win for Sirichai (formerly Tanadet) Under Muay Khao Master Kru Diesel
 I've known Poda (his play name), now fighting under the name Sirichai Klong Suan Plu Resort, since he was just a little teenager. He was from a small gym in Chiang Mai and he's ethnically Hill Tribe, a minority in Northern Thailand, which makes his success a pretty big deal. He would come to the gym I trained at, Lanna Muay Thai, to clinch with our Thai fighters prior to his fights in Bangkok. He was so disciplined that his trainer, Oley, would just tell him to do x number of knees on the bag and then he'd leave, knowing Poda would do it. I remember my trainer at the time Den, watching him and saying, "I want a gym of my own but I need boys like this. Hard working." At that time, Poda was sold to a gym in Siracha, down below Bangkok, and he changed his fight name to Tanadet Tor. the whole story here
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Iman Barlow, one of the very best female fighters in the world, looked especially solid in her most recent fight (vs Sveva Meillio). Earlier in her career it seemed that she at times preferred to swarm opponents with sharp kicks & renown cardio, but in this fight she was so structured, framed and looking very tight in the clinch as well.
One of Thailand's Very Best Female Fighters Has Joined Fairtex
Dokmaibaa Kietpomphet, one of the best, experienced female fighters in Thailand, a strong southpaw who can fight from distance but has a wicked and aggressive elbow game, has moved to Pattaya and joined team Fairtex. She's one of our favorite Thai female fighters & under Fairtex style training which favors more aggression, could become the best female MT fighter in the world. She won her first fight under Fairtex on Channel 8 just recently.
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Women Scheduled To Fight In The Lumpinee Ring For the First Time in History
" While some coverage of the Sanaejan vs Buakaw fight expressed the idea that it was the first time women had fought "at" Lumpinee stadium, it unfortunately due to COVID restrictions at the time did not occur "in" the stadium, and even more importantly IN the ring of Lumpinee... case, when female fighters actually ENTER the ring, this is the historic moment. This moment confronts the very well-defined and belief bound line that separated the genders. This fight, between Celest Hansen (AUS) vs Nongnook R. R. Gila Khorat (THAI), is the anticipation of that crossing. Read the rest on this event here
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Coming off his huge KO victory over the said Kickboxing GOAT Superbon is in the United States giving a seminar at Thai legend Kaensak's gym. Kaensak just had been hosting Samart, he's becoming a nexus for big Thai names in the United States. 
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Dieselnoi And Others Talk About the Harshness of Hapalang Gym
This gym made 3 FOTY fighters in legends Dieselinoi, Chamuakphet and Panomtuanlek, but it was not an easy life. read more here
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New Commentary On My Fights: Fighting Champions Way Up in Weight (2017)
I'm doing new commentaries to my 2017 fight videos, which never got commentary when they were published. Kevin writes about the last two fights I've voiced, including the 118 lb Northern Champion Sudsiam and the 112 lb WPMF World Champion Thanonchanok.
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8 Years Ago We Filmed Sirichai Wrecking An Opponent In Clinch
For those that follow the Muay Thai Library you'll know that the fighter Tanadet is a master of the Long Clinch, you can see his session here. Fighting in the Bangkok stadia he had big wars with Satanmuanglek. He retired from fighting more than 3 years ago, but has come back as Sirichai under Kru Diesel. We actually have known him since he was a kid, and filmed this great rounds of him at a festival fight. Cool
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If you are a shorter fighter the chances are you'll learn more from watching how short fighters succeed. Of course you can learn from everyone, but in the Library many of the sessions are with shorter fighters. Here is a list with links.
The Next Thing You Eat: Series on Automation and Humanity in Food, Episode 1
In our Newsletter we like to recommend things that might not directly seem to be about Muay Thai, but to use they are. This series first episode is about the transformation of food in a tech/modern society, which has interesting parallels with how the art of Muay Thai is facing modernizing pressures. Traditions seek to be preserved in a consumerist world. And like how COVID has threatened the future of Thailand's grassroots Muay Thai, this series as it unfolds discusses how the restaurant business model has been threatened by the pandemic. My follow up thoughts on food & traditional fight appreciation.
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I listen to this podcast while running. I used to want to be an epidemiologist. The hosts are thorough and geek out, which is always fun when people talk about what they find interesting. It's not Muay Thai, but it feeds my love of details and the nature of disease and how things connect. For me learning the details of how and why specific diseases spread & effect history is not too far from questions about Thailand's history, its regional pedagogies and fighting styles. 
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