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Thought and Analysis
Kevin's Photo Essay & Study of Karuhat's Incredible Style
In this photo essay and poetic analysis of Karuhat's style Kevin writes about just what it is that separates Karuhat out from so many other fighters. This is a companion piece to my new Muay Thai Library session with Karuhat, just published 83 minutes of awesome, watch it here.
read the photo study here
Dive Into the Great Mental Training Book "The Inner Game of Tennis": Discussion for Muay Thai

In 2018 I formed a Mental Training Reading group with some of my patrons, going through the very powerful book "The Inner Game of Tennis" chapter by chapter. I've now made all those posts, and our Zoom discussions of them public so that everyone can get the benefits of this wonderful book. You can find all those posts here. The introductory post has lots of details on Vipassana meditation which can help you with the things in the Inner Game book, but is not necessary.
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5 Years ago Sylvie wrote this article on all the responses people had surrounding this Meme made about her and Lumpinee Stadium. It's hard to believe how fast things have changed. Read about opinion and female fighting in Thailand.
Understanding Feminism and Muay Thai in a Different Way
A great deal of Feminist discourse, and advocacy for female opportunities in Muay Thai is done comparing men to women. In this article Sylvie talks about a different way, a non-comparative Feminism, a New Stage.
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bringing Mind to Muay Thai
Brief thoughts on MT footwork
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Updates and Happenings
discoveries, newly published, the lives of krus
We should have included this in our last Newsletter, but this great video surfaced of Dieselnoi lightly sparring with a visiting Japanese fighter. What's beautiful in this is that you can see just how skilled and balanced Dieselnoi is, softly dominating every exchange. My favorite moment is when the Japanese fighter spins around and Dieselnoi meets him with a kick.
Tanadet is Coming Back to Fighting and Is Training with Kru Diesel
Kru Dieselnoi (of FA Group) has been living in Singburi, a few hours North of Bangkok, ever since COVID shut everything down. He's been training fighters in a gym there. I spotted Tanadet in the ring with him. Tanadet is a master of the Long Clinch (watch that here in the Library). He has been out of fighting for years now, but he's making a comeback. You can read my article on Tanadet here. Kru Diesel is becoming a hub of training in Singburi, with Sawsing also sharpening up with him for Channel 8 fights starting October 9th.
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Lion Fight Champ vs WBC Champ, a full fight video finally came out. My thoughts from a Thailand style perspective: Amy (who I put in my p4p top 10 before this fight) seemed to really struggle with fatigue early on, even pretty expressly late in the 2nd round. In Thailand showing fatigue is a pretty big scoring demerit because it reveals that you are being effected and you are breaking ruup....Amy improved covering for her fatigue as the fight went on, and in fact was sometimes very dynamic out of it. She adopted beautiful rope fighting to conserve herself at the rest of my thoughts here.
Old newsreel footage.
Serge posts this pretty detailed history of one of the more remarkable Somrak. Matches taken, where he came from, his path to boxing. Lots I've never heard before. Unfortunately the "Why he never won a stadium belt" is not discussed. If you don't know who Somrak is, these Muay Thai Scholar highlights will help.
PUBLISHED: Mastering The Head Kick - The Jampatong MTL trailer (12 min)
If you haven't seen the Jampatong Library session yet, its one of my favorites. We just published a 12 minute edit of the 63 minute session to enjoy. His mastery of the headkick was so good he beat Samart Payakaroon twice. You can watch the full 1 hr. Library session as a patron here, as well.
watch the 12 minute trailer (public)
This story (read details of it here) surfaced on Thai Facebook about how the headkick master Jampatong, who had the laurels of beating Samart twice, knocking out Chamuakpet, Saengchern, etc, had the legend Wichannoi come into camp when he faced the Muay Khao monster Panomtuanlek (and others). They would be fighting for Jampatong's 118 lb Raja belt. The foundation of Jampatong's training was 400 kicks, 400 headkicks. You can study Jampatong's headkick mastery in the Library here.
Karuhat Tries Out Our Dieselnoi Shirt
It's pretty awesome to see Karuhat - the ultimate femeu fighter - bust out the Long Guard, but he immediately did so when he put on this Dieselnoi shirt. It's an abstract graphic of Dieselnoi's iconic Sky Piercing Knee photo. 100% of the earned profits go to him. 
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films, fights, podcasts that inspire
If you missed this definite watch. It used to be available to only some patrons but we made it public for everyone to enjoy. 4 supreme legends of the sport: Namkabuan, Karuhat, Chatchai and Dieselnoi.
Fight 1989: Watch This Beautiful Body Shot Attack by Jomvo
Body shots are not plentiful in Thailand's Muay Thai. There are many weapons to counter them, including knees and elbows, but in this fight Jomvo (who sadly just passed) puts on a big, persistent early body shot attack. It does not prove victorious, but his ruup, his tempo & his body attack are beautiful to watch. Jomvo Chor Waikul (red) vs Padejseuk Giatsamran (blue)
watch the fight here
Karuhat tells us that Jomvo and Samart were drinking buddies. Here they fight in the ring in a Thai language. Sadly Jomvo passed away this last month from COVID at the age of 61.
Rambaa was one of the most flamboyant fighters of his generation, it's great to see him thrive.  You can study him in the Muay Thai Library here.
Back in 2017 these were the books and podcasts that I had compiled in my Mental Training resource list. Take a look, there is probably something you'd benefit from.
Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 1 - learning about intense competition dyanamics
We are just on Season 1 but we are always looking for lessons from other sports that inspire approaches to Muay Thai. "Success in racing largely comes down to stubbornness. People will self-destruct in front of you." (paraphrase). It's interesting to see performance under great pressure, and great investment.
See Rotten Tomatoes
A really beautifully shot art house film about a 40 year old black playwright in a crisis. She decides to go back to her childhood passion and become a rap artist. Everyone in Muay Thai is trying to remake themselves. This film gives reflection on what making yourself means & thoughts of authenticity
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