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The Muay Thai Bones Newsletter #8
Dive into our love of Muay Thai as we share the latest of what we believe is interesting or impactful to the Muay Thai Life. Stay up to date on the Library, compelling events, and the lives of the legends. Listen to our Muay Thai Bones podcast for other thoughtful discussion. Items co-authored and selected by both of us
Thought and Analysis
New Muay Thai Library Session! Kru Diesel 2 - The Beauty of Building a Muay Khao Fighter (1 hr, 16 min)
In depth study of the Muay Khao style with one of the greatest Muay Khao krus Thailand has ever know. Kru Diesel at his new gym Fight House in Singburi. Watch the full hour here as a supporter.

See a 3 minute clip of it to see what it's like.
watch and study it here
Muay Thai Bones Podcast ep 26 - Cloaking Sexuality in the Gym, Turtle & The Dragon, MMA in Lumpinee
You asked for it you got it! Yet another Muay Thai Bones is out on quick turn around. More than 2 and a half hours of deep layer Muay Thai goodness. Here it as a podcast and get the reading notes as a supporter.
Our topics:
1. Cloaking Female Sexuality & The Gym
2. The Turtle & The Dragon
3. The Kaimuay & The Muay Thai Gym4. Leaving A Thai Gym: What’s Good For You
5. MMA In Lumpinee
or watch on YouTube
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If you enjoy academic approaches to the fighting arts, this journal, which does have free downloadable articles, is a great resource. Several articles already downloaded.
Muay Thai Lessons from Capoeira: Globalization, Glocalization & Authenticity
I write about the lessons we can learn from the study of the spread of Capoeira from its origin in Brazil. Struggles over authenticity and adaption are important part of the international appreciation of the art and sport. read the article here
read it here
Female Fighters & The Rationalization of a Fighting Art: From 19th Century Jiu-jitsu to Thailand's Muay Thai
I trace the impact modernized fighting arts have had since the early 20th century, on female fighting, especially in the context of Thailand's Muay Thai. The rationalization of Judo is linked to female fighting in Thailand now.
read the article here
Updates and Happenings
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A very thorough and nicely written article covering all the changes Lumpinee has been going through as women finally have been admitted to the ring they have long been barred. 
 It was just announced that, starting January 8th of next year, Lumpinee will start promoting an afternoon show that is only children. There will be 4 bouts per card, starting at 1:30 PM. Children have been permitted to fight at Lumpinee for a long time, but there has always been a weight limit (and ostensibly an age limit, but I'm not sure what that was; the weight limit kind of takes care of the age limit at the same time) of 100 lbs. read more
Just a few words from Karuhat on how different the crowds of Lumpinee used to be, and how they will never be the same again.
A Sparring Day in Tasmania In Celebration of Dieselnoi: $1,500 raised
This incredible thing happened. Zach Robinson wanted to do something very special in support and celebration of Dieselnoi during Covid, when dependable income is down. He organized an interclub fundraising day, collected at the door & took donations. This is amazing and also overwhelmed Dieselnoi with excitement and gratitude. It isn't just the financial support, it's that people are looking out for him, and thinking about him across the world. All the funds went through our Indiegogo, where you can donate directly to legends and krus. With the help of our patrons (thank you patrons!) we cover all fees so the krus get 100% of what you donate.
A huge heart-warming thank you to Zach and his gym, and all the gyms, fighters and businesses of Tasmania who thought of Dieselnoi, support him, and made him feel touched from so far away
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This Bangkok Post article catches up with Loma, with a brief but interesting discussion of her work with a Sports Psychologist.
Loma's most recent UFC fight. Loma was originally matched against Cheyanne Buys, but was matched up with Godinez on short notice when Buys tested positive for Covid-19. Clinch "next video" to see all its parts.
Each show will include:
- Muay Thai fights
- Muay Thai fights with MMA gloves 
- MMA fights 
All of these matches will have 3 rounds.
The first show will be on January 16th 2022, and it will be held twice monthly after that. It will be broadcast both online and on selected Thai channels, and each show will have 6 Muay Thai matches and 2 MMA fights. read more from Emma

A thread on MMA in Lumpinee
A new young protege under Nong Toom's wing. A video of her fighting her bully in a street fight went viral and Nong Toom has stepped in to train Nong Ping in Muay Thai and hopes to have her fight professionally. read more about it here 
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Unseen Footage: Kongtoranee Payakaroon Training For His 1986 WBC Boxing World Title Fight vs Gilberto Roman and interviews with Samart and promoters SongChai and Thanikul
Great to see the Payakaroon brothers, the boxing sparring, and to see Songchai and Thanikul talk (even untranslated), two of the biggest promoters of the day. I'm pretty sure they have the date wrong in the title. Kongtoranee was coming off his 2nd FOTY in 1984.

You can see the actual fight vs Gilberto Roman here:
You can also watch the full hour with Kongtoranee in the Muay Thai Library here as a patron.
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IN this section we also recommend things that are not Muay Thai specific, but for us connect up. This is really good 3 part documentary about the evolution of the Von Dutch brand. For us this was all about the error of very fast growth and commercialization, something all fighters should think about. And about the relationships you keep with others to build things.
Kung Fury: 30 Minute Amazing Parody of 80s Kung Fu, Video Games & Cop Films
Don't know how we missed this, but in case you did as well, a comedy homage to the culture of fight media of the 1980s. It's a hilarious distillation of "fight culture" in media from that time. 
watch it on YouTube here
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