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Thought and Analysis
Analysis of the This Month's Vienot vs Yodwicha WMC Title Fight - Golden Age Style Clinch Battle talks about the important things beyond the controversial decision, the beautiful ways this fight reflected the refereeing style of the Golden Age, and how we got to see a throw-back version of Yodwicha who won FOTY when he was 16. You can study Yodwicha in the Muay Thai Library here, here and here. 
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Why NOT being told the counter to a clinch position can lead to deeper Knowledge
In this discussion of abstract, demonstrated knowledge and more social driven, traditional, invention of technique, Kevin tells a story of how I suffered under a very good lock in the clinch and how it benefited me.
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Kevin's thoughts about rule manipulation in the new style Muay Thai promotions. The purpose of what people consider "boring".
The Fight Site has a great focus article on a fighter that today's Muay Thai history sometimes passes by, because he was before the Golden Age. The powerful left-handed Muay Maat slugger, who would also become a WBC world champion (faster than anyone in history). Great GIFs of seldom watched footage vs The Immortal Yodmuay Wichannoi, and analysis.
I've been making vlogs in support of people in the world that I care about, this is my latest one.
The coach in the video is a bit long winded, and the few occasions where Roy talks are awesome, but a patron sent us this video because the reasons used are also expressed by Sagat in other punches, how you punch uses different muscle groups. You can study that Sagat session here.
"In my opinion there isn't such a thing. Fighters have to rely on their own capabilities, no matter how good a trainer or coach is, it's fruitless if the fighter can't do what they're teaching. Trainers can only offer suggestions and offer advice for what the fighter doesn't see himself: weapons, tell him to push or retreat, tell him to fight hard, etc." You can study the legend in the Library here.
These are my 2017 thoughts about training around and through injury, as a fighter who was fighting a ton on the local ring circuit in Thailand. Maybe it will be interesting to you as well. read it here
Updates and Happenings
discoveries, newly published, the lives of krus
Huge Faceoff Between The Best Young Fighters of Thailand - controversial decision
This fight yesterday between the consensus two best young fighters in Thailand had been in the works for months and created quite a buzz. Yodphetek is 12 years old and Jojo 13 and both represent well-known gyms: JoJo (red) is from Dejrat Muay Thai Academy ค่ายมวยเดชรัตน์, where the Thai National Team trains under the harsh but proven methods of Arjan Surat (he's in the Muay Thai Library)...Yodpetek is the young fighter who commands the highest purse for his age, and hails from the Boomdeksian gym, which is almost entirely a gym of very young fighters and which has included Karuhat who has been a mentor/advisor in training. It's a classic strong, "dern" Muay Khao fighter in Jojo (red) versus the technical, evasive Muay Femeur of Yodpetek (blue). read more and watch the fight.
These are thought to be the next superstars of the sport.
watch the full fight here
Chanchai Sor Tummarungsi posted this photo of him as a boy vs another legend Saencherng, in memory because of the Jojo vs Yodphetek fight. You can see Chanchai the teep expert in the MT Library here.

The Head of the FA Group Gym Asks the Boxing Council to Regulate Farang Fighter Gym Moves - Changing Commitments
This first time I've seen this issue publicly stated:
"Sia Riam" the head of FA Group gym in Bangkok is quoted as being heartbroken by the pattern of international fighters coming to a gym and being welcomed with training, sleeping, eating as a group. They come with "no name" but after gaining some recognition or "fame" other gyms become interested and these fighters are swayed by promises elsewhere. - read more about his statement and what it means
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Yodsanan was a champion boxer out of the famed Sityodtong gym, and a Muay Thai fighter as well. He's taught at Evolve in Singapore. He's now opened a new gym in Pattaya, his first. Study him in the MT Library here. You can see my video walk through here.
This 74 year old man says he hasn't been able to walk without his cane for a few years, but the Sinovac Vaccine changed that. Very sweet seeing him throw his knees.
Sylvie paraphrases this announcement in Thai: Mr. Chai of GoSport announced that they will cancel all their Studio Saturday promotions (being produced in the Parking Structure next to Lumpinee Stadium), starting October 9th, 16th, and 23rd in order to spend that time rehearsing the "lights and sound" in the real Lumpinee arena, ironing out some "timing issues" for a grand show on October 30th. [update: a 2nd announcement moved this up to Oct 16]  read more

The WBC Muay Thai page announces their recent meeting to update their rankings, with a photo of who does the ranking. It's great to see the Thai reporter Nui Dino (upper right) in there. One of the most informed on Thai talent.
films, fights, podcasts that inspire
Black Swan (2010): Lessons on the Pursuit of Perfect
I've always seen parallels between ballet and serious Muay Thai. Each train the body rigorously, and at the highest level require technical sharpness & personal expression. I recently re-watched Black Swan which I loved when it came out. While it spins out artistically, the core issue that it's protagonist Nina faces is the chasm in art between technical correctness and emotional expression. She is a technically perfect dancer, very controlled and small. To play this role in ballet she must escape controlled technical execution and faith-leap into expression, which includes her own suffocated sexuality. It's ..a brilliant tale of how art and spirit isn't about perfection, but about adjustment and expression. This is very key to Muay Thai and as a woman in the sport, swimming upstream in male-dominated gyms, the castration from sexuality is an interesting element, which I've written about on my blog. You can find all my articles written on the gendered experience in Thailand here. Over 40 articles.
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This may seem like an out of left field recommendation, but if you follow my Muay Thai photography here and here, you'll see that I'm influenced by the history of cinema. Roger Deakins is a world famous cinematographer to with his wife interviews other cinematographers and people who make movies. It mostly details people who's life has been swept up by their art, which can inspire.
Kaopong was a heavy hitting Muay Thai champion in the early 80s, with wins vs legends like Wichannoi & Dieselnoi. He even beat Krongsak in Muay Thai in the same year he fought for Boxing Gold. Some people believe he should have won this fight, which would have made him the first Thai to win Olympic Boxing Gold, which may have given him fame in the country equal to Somrak. TY to a patron who posted this on Reddit.
A Rare Look the Sor. Supawan Gym Where Karuhat Trained (2 min)
Not a lot is seen of the Sor. Supawan Gym, which Karuhat fought out of as a Golden Age legend. See this promotional video which shows Karuhat, the gym, and the gym's owner who was a woman. In video of his fights you'll see her approach the ring apron and even slap on the canvas, rings that in modern times Thais would not even let women touch. You can study tons of Karuhat in the Muay Thai Library, links here.
watch the video here
Old School Fight: Somrak vs Boonlai - almost surreal control and defense from Somrak
They fought 4 times, this is the final fight between them: Loss, Win, Draw, Win. This just a stunning fight, in part because of what Somrak Khamsing does not do. He hardly throws a meaningful punch until the 5th round, yet he was a top Amateur Thai western boxer and would represent Thailand as a boxer in the '92 Olympics a year from this fight, then winning Gold 4 years after that in 1996. He almost refuses to box, yet wins with exquisite defense. He looks to have some size though.
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Kevin's meditation on what the life of a fighter is through portraits he's taken of me, and the things we've experienced together. The photography of female fighting.
One of the Most Useful Muay Thai Library Sessions: Kru Cha (63 min)
There are a lot of legend in the library, and a lot of brilliant, old time krus. The library is so huge it's easy for sessions like this one to slip through the cracks, but Kru Cha taught me something I still think about today. This very basic "close the door" is great defensive practice, and I find myself returning to it to sharpen up my sense of defense. 
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