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The Muay Thai Bones Newsletter #7
Dive into our love of Muay Thai as we share the latest of what we believe is interesting or impactful to the Muay Thai Life. Stay up to date on the Library, compelling events, and the lives of the legends. Listen to our Muay Thai Bones podcast for other thoughtful discussion. Items co-authored and selected by both of us
Thought and Analysis
New Podcast: The Big Changes Coming to Lumpinee, Women Fighting There and More (2 hrs, 47 min)
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The new Muay Thai Bones is out! This is a big one talking about the huge changes coming with women now scheduled to be fighting at Lumpinee.
or watch on YouTube here
There are SO MANY angles, elements, nuances, considerations, and personal views on this development (evolution, historical moment) and so we went deeeeeeep on the subject. It's a big one, but I think we do it justice in terms of how complex and important this is not just for women in Muay Thai, but as a place in the living history of Muay Thai itself. Thanks to those who follow, listen and get into these topics with us, and thanks for your patience in waiting for this newest episode!
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This is the Onyx MMA quick edit from the Kru Thailand session in the Muay Thai Library. In these 4 minutes you get a real sense of how wonderful an instructor he is. Find the full Kru Thailand session here, in the Muay Thai Library
Sociology and Westerners Training In Thailand - Bourdieu and The Habitus
Read my detailed notes on the motivations for Self transformation in those who come to Thailand to train seriously, and to fight, applying Bourdieu's concepts of habitus, doxa and hexis to the kinds of perspective changing experiences that Westerners undergo. read the rest here
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In this free video I talk in details about how, in 2017, Pi Nu uses padwork to develop awareness of distance. You can watch this study here.

Kevin writes more about the specific qualities of Thai padwork in this post
Updates and Happenings
[FULL FIGHT] The Stories Behind the Great Female Muay Thai WBC World Title fight
Kevin writes in detail about the recent World Title fight between Souris Manfredi and Dangkongfah Soujainoi. It was much more than a title fight, the context is important.
watch and read about it here
Fairtex is bringing a new promotion to Lumpinee stadium which includes MMA fights. These are part of the huge changes that are occurring at the New New Lumpinee. read about MMA at Lumpinee here
Epic 2 Hr Muay Thai Library Session w/ Arjan Yai
Published this month a two hour travel back in time. Arajan Yai was a pad man and trainer at one of the most successful Golden Age gyms in Thailand, Sor. Ploenjit. He teaches me in a very detailed and exact manner, great for beginners or advanced students. I learned a lot in this, even though quite experienced.
watch and study it here
A quick edit of boran style elbows to the body, fought with by Somrak, taught by Sagat. You can see the whole hour Sagat Library session here.
 So yesterday there was this big meeting with all these Phuket gyms in attendance: Venum, Sinbi, Powerhouse, Phuket Fight Club, Singpatong, Sit Muatwian, Oleydong, Eagle Muay Thai, Sutai, Rawai, Phuketsing, Lamai, Phanna, Tiger, Maximum, Koh Muay Thai, Chalamkhao, Nawa, Suragit, Big Ben, Jay Power Roof, Revolution (formerly Sitsongpeenong), Petch P.T.O, and Phuket Top Team. The meeting notes are as follows: read the rest here
 I follow a number of Thai language news sources, collections of old photos and programs, etc. Many interesting things come out of these resources, but every now and again I'm shocked by what I find. Recently, I saw a post about a fighter who had been very successful in Muay Thai but suffered an accident with a gun misfiring, leading to an injury which made it so he could not fight anymore. read the rest here
[FULL FIGHT] Women In Lumpinee - The Very First Fight
In an incredible turn of history, something that few thought would ever happen, Lumpinee Stadium had the first fight ever between women in its ring, a ring that was barred from women for more than half a century due to superstition and gendered beliefs. watch the full fight here
watch the full fight here
Lumpinee is being remade in a new image. Gambling there is now illegal, women are permitted to fight in the ring that has barred them for more than half a centurye
 What is interesting is that there are a few strings that attach to this criticism that make it "modern" rather than just the same old squeak on the same old wheel. Firstly, gambling is under serious attack ever since the first wave of Covid in March of last year. You can hear me and Kevin discuss this a bit in our newest Muay Thai Bones episode, but the first big "cluster" of Covid in Thailand stemmed from an event at Lumpinee and was blamed on gamblers. As a result, as Thailand has employed shutdowns and soft re-openings to deal with the pandemic, Muay Thai has been hard-hit by the restrictions and the start-and-stop approach to promotions has made promoters very sensitive, very eager to obey rules and the rest here
discoveries, newly published, the lives of krus
films, fights, podcasts that inspire
I've shared the ways that I feel Vipassana can help with Muay Thai training. This is a podcast episode I really got a lot out of recently. Check it out. I also link to other vlogs and articles that speak to Vipassana and Muay Thai.
2 Hours With 4 Legends - Our Epic Seminar (free)
If you missed this, you've got to watch. The late Namkabuan with Dieselnoi, Karuhat and Chatchai, in a special legends seminar we did over 2 days in Bangkok. All of it filmed, all of it captured. watch it here
watch it here (2 hrs)
Kru Thailand Pinsinchai lives streams a lot of the training from his gym in Chiang Mai. He's on my Recommended Gyms list. Check out a recent stream here.
Wangchannoi and Samransak are two of the toughest men of the Golden Age, both with heavy hands and big hearts. Watch them go at each other. You can study both in the Muay Thai Library.
Golden Age Fight Rec: Namphon vs Manasak (Muay Khao vs Muay Femeu)
This 1988 is a beautiful example of the traditional Muay Khao (bull) vs Muay Femeu (matador) pairing, with Namphon Nongkipahayuth facing Manasak Chorochonchai (who was a Sor. Ploenjit fighter). This fight is so instructive and exciting, all about narrative (traditional) scoring.

watch the fight here
Muay Thai and Dek Wat, Temple Kids (12 min)
I believe you can still watch and enjoy this whole video without understanding the Thai, it's beautiful and expressive. Pimrypie is a philanthropist and visited these 4 kids who are training Muay Thai and are what's called "dek wat," or temple kids. Sometimes children are left in the care of temples when their parents can't take care of them, and the children take care of temple chores while the temple feeds, shelters and educates them. In this case, they learn Muay Thai through the temple as well. They focus on the youngest, Joe, who has been with the temple for 3 years already. The temple gym is completely re-upped and the boys get new running shoes, shorts, etc. This is a part of Muay Thai culture in Thailand that isn't much seen, but it's a big and, in my heart, beautiful part of it. Krongsak Boranrat's fight alias was "Dek Wat," suggesting he came from this background. (He is well regarded as having drawn with Dieselnoi and beat Sagat in a hattrick.)
watch it on YouTube here
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