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Thought and Analysis
2 Hours With Ultimate Legends: Samson, Dieselnoi, Karuhat and Namkabuan
This was a very special 2 hour Muay Thai Library session combining all the teaching moments from the Muay Khao Summit in 2018. Never before seen footage and instruction from the greats of Muay Thai. 
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This vlog is all about developing and expressing compassion, for yourself and others, under the duress of training and fighting.
How to Train Clinch in Shadowboxing (6 min, public)
You can watch the full 16 minute, in-depth discussion of how I train clinch in my shadowboxing here:
Sylvie's Technique Vlog - How to Train Clinch In Shadow (16 min)
watch the public video here
Onyx MMA's Edit of Attachai On Faking
In our interview of legends one name kept getting picked as Top 5 GOAT, and often as #1, The Immortal Yodmuay Wichannoi Pontawee. He beat Dieselnoi twice, and is one of the very best Thailand ever produced. this Ryan Wagner article is a great breakdown of his style and tactics from existing footage.
Updates and Happenings
Found: The INCREDIBLE Holy Grail Card From 1982 - natural audio (2 hrs, 45 min)
For those that love the history of Muay Thai this is a please don't miss! A patron got us the FULL card from the December 24th, 1982 legendary card, full of great fighters and matchups. Some of these fights are the ONLY existing footage of top fighters from the early Golden Age. This is a fight card that is so rare, and footage so thought lost, its amazing to have it for history.
watch and read about it here (public)
Karuhat Came to Visit: Filmed For the Library, Ate Tacos
Karuhat came to visit for a few days. I got to spar with him in the mornings, we filmed a fantastic Muay Thai Library session, and watched some fights on TV. And I made him my keto taco recipe, which he seemed to enjoy! Get links to all our Karuhat content over the years here.
more photos here
Just a short clip of Karuhat completely getting into Stamp's fight on ONE in MMA. We were surprised how much he enjoyed "thinking along" the MMA ruleset. He wanted lots of uppercuts.
Lots of sparring with Karuhat. One of the things he wants is openside knees vs covering or advancing fighters. In this sparing clip you can see him teaching it. In this Twitter thread Downward Elbow uses the clip as a prompt to how MMA could use this tactic effectively
Arjan Burklerk is gardening & farming at his new Muay Thai resort in Lampang
Arjan is getting his new resort in Lampang, Thailand (in the North, about 1.5 hours from Chiang Mai. You can see a quick video here.

You can study Arjan Burklerk in the Muay Thai Library here.
Cannabis is legal now in Thailand in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Kru Thailand bought some for his wife to cook with and had a sever allergic reaction which put a scare into him. He's home now and recovered. Several of his past students helped him with medical costs, the community coming together. When you come to Thailand you can train with him at his gym Sit Thailand.
Go Sport Built a "Lumpinee" Green Screen Studio
Due to COVID lockdowns GoSport which is ushering in new style promotions at Lumpinee, built a green screen studio in the parking structure next door to allow "Lumpinee" broadcast fights in correspondence with the prohibition of in-door events. Fights starting Sept 15th.
This card will have a mix of 3 and 5 round fights. Click to see a full image.
New Pudpadnoi and Dieselnoi Designs In
100% of the earned profits go to them. A way to celebrate and support Muay Thai greatness.
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Updated Results: Who Do Legends And Ex-Fighters Think Are the Greatest Fighters Ever?
We've been interviewing legends of the sport and ex-fighters getting a sense of who they think are the best who ever fought. You can see Playlist of fighters picking their best 5 here. For a larger version of the image click here. These are the leaders so far. It's a weighted result, with legends getting twice the votes as non-legends.
An array of answers across a criteria of greatness given a lack of historical record, Kevin gives his quick thoughts about who is the GOAT.
Fight Recommendation: Wichannoi vs Pudpadnoi Feb 11, 2012 - Legends Show Fight
Two all time legends in a show fight. It's a rare treat to watch these legends in this show fight in their later years. Both are in the Top 5 GOAT list. Check out Wichannoi's intensity. This footage is part of the newly remastered Old School stuff MuayOG is putting up.
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Check it out in hi-resolution. Beautiful prints can be had, 100% of the earned profits go to Karuhat himself.
Kongsamut lost his belt to a young Samart, but was a regular early Golden Age stadium fighter. Learn from him his unique, twisting punching and lowkick attack. For those who want to incorporate more hands in their Muay, and are a shorter fighter, this is the session for you. 
Get Into Some Back-Issue Muay Thai Bones Podcasts
The Muay Thai Bones podcast is the most in-depth podcast on Muay Thai in the world. You may have missed some of the best of MTB, check out the full playlist.
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Throwback Photo: Dieselnoi at 16 Years Old in 1978
At the age of 16 Dieselnoi would be a Muay Thai phenom, here fighting Narongnoi Kiatyanthit "The Stern Tiger of Ayutthaya". Just look at this incredible knee, OVER the kick. He would be retired by 24 for lack of opponents. It's hard to fully comprehend just how imposing he was as a fighter. Intelligent, tactical and conditioned beyond everyone. Watch him teach "How to Fight Tall" (69 min) in the Library here.